Observation brings a difference. We hear and read many manufacturing details based on different sources with virtual knowledge. We need to know practical machinery of this theoretical facts. Every industry has different ways and systems to deal with product manufacturing so it is very important to visit Industry. Industry visit gives an overview of mechanism used in respective field. Share your ideas with us, we are here to work on it.


Industries have experience of manufacturing many products with accuracy and systematic way.

  1. Deciding the technologies used in Industry based on industry.
  2. Preparing the layout to assemble components (motor, CT, control valve etc.)
  3. Fabrication of industry.
  4. ]According to industry, select -Auto or Manual panel.
  5. Installation of panel (fixing the panel on a place where it is going to be operated).
  6. Testing.

Have you ever heard a seller describing some special features like power, Input output voltage, current, industry load. These parameters are decided by manufacturing industry based on utilization. Team of selecting panel decides type of panel on the basis of technologies, hardware components and user interfacing parts of devices. Industries have experience of manufacturing many products with accuracy and systematic way. We need to learn the whole process like selecting the programming language, least cost, least power consumption, maximum efficiency while preferring the tools and components used in it.


There are many types of metal sheets, buttons, display screens, wires and many more components etc. These are different in weight, dimension, shape and size, so we need to decide them on the basis of least cost, maximum efficiency, power consumption.

  1. selection of metal sheet
  2. calculating dimensions of panel.
  3. determining the number of Equipment*

Industry considers the parameters of standard form. Testing of each component and explaining all the functions and features to the person who is going to operate prepared panel is known as commissioning in simple words. All the steps of testing a panel are individually done. We explain the working for a long life of panel to avoid damages. If there is any kind of problem occurs at the timing of testing then we resolve it.


Do you know how do these complex connections are described in a simple way? Each are represented using lines on a paper. Single line diagram gives an easy understanding to explain internal connections of panel.