We bring low code, low cost, simplified way to understand, multiple testing and two times faster speed to our clients.


whenever an idea comes into our mind and we express it to others, we get nothing but a long conversation till the next idea of product manufacturing repeats and this cycle of creative ideas are buried. We are here to implement your ideas in real world.


We discuss the needs and expectations of our customers with desired products. We make a layout of required technology, tools, components, additional creativity etc. are the basic platforms. Approximate time deadline of product is necessary to be planned. Expected occurring problems are discussed with team members of different panels.


There are many technologies like embedded system, Internet of things, Raspberry pi, python etc. in the market. we choose the technology based on simplicity, desired output and low codes and low cost used in designing the panel.


We work on the physical assembling in this process. To respond to an environmental necessity, we design products so as to use creative skills with new way for artistic interpretation and planning. To design products, many of the explored and addressed principles can be applied. Here interfacing of hardware and software is applied. we work on how efficiently used components are assembled on physical appearance of products. we design product in a manner so that minimum cost and maximum accuracy can be achieved.


software part is important, it gives commands to all the hardware components which are used in product. So firstly, we focus on coding part which communicates with products in the programming language which component parts understand.


Products are synchronized simultaneously with the process of software development and testing of prepared hardware.


When we invent a product, there are many cases where that is not working properly. So we check the product by giving inputs to see the output. We can refine and validate our designs so that brand can release the right products. In that case this product is known as prototype. There are some general examples of prototypes where power consumption may be high, error in sensing parameters, device damage etc. are tested carefully before final touch of product. We can refine and validate your designs so your brand can release the right products.


Have you noticed there are many products where a simple and communicative way is used to start and control the devices, for examples some buttons, switches, sensors on microwave, motors, elevators respectively etc. where a single click can interact with device. We keep it in an easy way so that every person can use it without any extra efforts.


When we produce products in a large amount on industry level, we need to make a systematic way with efficient manner, minimum time consumption, least cost, maximum accuracy and standard tooling skills. We work on preserving ways to avoid damage of product and increase the reliability toward products.